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October 2, 2008 on Rare Frequency

Music, music and some non-music, too! Tonight I’ll play all that and more. A pair of new 12”s on Hate (a little techno-inflected dubstep in case you’re wondering), new stuff on Apple Pips (more new techno-inflected dubstep in case you’re still wondering), as well as some serious vintage bleeps & bloops from Pascal, and quiet, electro-acoustic drones from U.S.O. Project and Christopher McFall. It’ll be the perfect accompaniment to a V.P. debate or something along those lines, I’m sure.

A podcast of last week’s live set by Asher and Jason Kahn will be available shortly. Stay tuned! And don’t forget, next week lutenist Jozef van Wissem will perform live on RF!


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