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September 2008

  • Jeremy Bible & Jason Henry, shpwrck (Experimedia) CD
  • Cem Karaca, Kardaslar (Turkofon) LP
  • Bernhard Gal, Relive (Gromoga) CD
  • Headhunter, Nomad (Tempa) CD
  • Illusion of Safety, The Need to Now (Experimedia) CD
  • Jason Kahn & Asher, Vista (and/OAR) CD
  • Baris Manco, Baris Manco (Turkofon) LP
  • m.b. + e.d.a., Regolettroniche (Baskaru) CD
  • Christopher McFall, The City of Almost (Sourdine) CD
  • Will Montgomery [Heribert Friedl], Non-Collaboration (Non-Visual Objects) CD
  • Pomassl, Spare Parts (Raster-Noton) CD
  • Unknown, “Darkcore/Injustice” (Hate) 12”
  • Unknown, “Pretty Boys Don’t Survive Up North/Pretty Boy” (Hate) 12”
  • Wendt, Unreleased Music for Visualizers (Miatera) CD


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