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More, Please! WZBC Fundraiser

This week WZBC, Rare Frequency’s home on the FM dial, is in the midst of its biennial fundraiser — that’s right, the station only asks for donations once every TWO years! On Thursday’s edition of RF (October 16, 7-10 p.m EST), I will exhort listeners to give generously to the station, which, as a non-commercial relies heavily on listener support. My guest and co-exhorter will be the venerable Keith Fullerton Whitman, who is one of Boston’s finest experimental musicians and, more importantly, has been my biennial “pledge buddy” (his official title) for the past three fundraisers. Please show your support for unusual and experimental music and donate what you can — gifts large and small are greatly appreciated! Call 617.552.4686 to make your pledge.


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