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Shackleton/Mordant Music, "El Din (Part One)/Olde Wobbly"
(Mordant Music 10"

 I have a soft spot for eccentric Mordant Music. Like myself, it can’t seem to decide exactly what it wants to be. Occasionally, it engages in Ghost Box-like retro-futuristic excursions into faux music libraryland; but as often as not, it gets a wee bit wub-wubby and spews forth some heavy dubstep sounds. This latest record is on a decidedly groovy tip with an ace mix of silky smooth bass and intricate north african percussion that’ll have your head bobbing and your eyelids at half mast in no time flat — a good thing, in case you’re wondering. Mordant Music’s B-side, “Olde Wobbly” is more jaunty by half with quasi-Italo disco arpeggios and swirling beats to properly mess with your head. -Susanna Bolle


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