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Brandon Terzakis

Brandon Terzakis is a young, Boston-based improviser. A former student of acclaimed jazz guitarist, Joe Morris, Brandon works with prepared guitar and electronics to create mesmerizingly hazy, near static pieces. He’ll be performing on Rare Frequency on September 10, 2009.

Brandon answered a few questions by email about his work and background the week prior to the show.

What is your background? How did you become interested in making the kind of music that you do?

The first instrument I became serious in playing were the drums. I started playing around the age of 10, just playing at home in my room, then a few years later began studying privately and playing in groups with friends. I played guitar in between practices and that initially led to developing a greater interest more so than drums. Jazz appealed to me relatively early on in high school, so I auditioned for the jazz ensemble and from there I knew I wanted to be involved with that realm of music in some form. After graduating high school, I began studying with Tony Lombardozzi and Joe Morris, whom had a great influence in my pursuit with free improvisation.

Could you tell me a bit about how you prepare your guitar? What or who first inspired you to start working with prepared guitar?

Nothing too bizarre. I’ve recently been experimenting with motors and their resonances with different objects, including how they affect the different tones and timbres of the guitar itself.

Are there any artists, musicians, etc who have particularly strong influences?

A lot of my peers / friends are great inspirations at the moment. There are so many artists in the area doing fascinating things. But, right now I am very fond of works by Ivo Malec, Fred Frith and Phill Niblock.

What projects, shows, releases do you currently have in the works or slated for release?

There is a split LP due out between myself and Benjamin Nelson. We also recently did a guitar/chord organ performance and are continuing to work on material. At this time, there are no plans for any upcoming shows.


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