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September/October 2009

  • Demdike Stare, Symbiosis (Modern Love) CD
  • Kevin Drumm, Impish Tyrant (Dagda Hammer) CD
  • Emeralds, Fresh Air (Sound Design) 7”
  • Ghost Grass Hydrogen (Wire Sounds) Cassette
  • Goh Lee Kwang, Hands (Herbal International) CD
  • Pivixki, s/t (Sabbatical) CD
  • Eliane Radigue, Vice Versa, etc. (Important) 2CD
  • Shackleton, 3 EPs (Perlon) CD
  • Bruno Spoerri, Extrakugel (Disposable Music) LP
  • Tafo Brothers, Plugged In Pakistani Pops (Disposable Music) LP
  • Brandon Terzakis, Lore (Heavy Psych) Cassette
  • Zomby, One Foot Ahead of the Other (Ramp) CD
  • Various, Disposable Records Library Subscription Sampler (Disposable Music) CD
  • Various, Eastern Standard Time (Weltraum) LP
  • Various, Puyo Puyo Tanzen But Tanzen Demix (The Brain Records) LP


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