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Top 25 of 2009


  • 2562, Unbalance (Tectonic) CD
  • Belbury Poly, From An Ancient Star (Ghost Box) CD
  • Black to Comm, Alphabet 1968 (Type) CD
  • Caboladies, Atomic Weekender (Digitalis) LP
  • Kevin Drumm, Imperial Horizon (Hospital) CD
  • Eleh/Nana April Jun, Observations & Momentum (Touch Tone) EP
  • Emptyset, Emptyset (Caravan) CD
  • Filastine, Dirty Bomb (Soot) CD
  • Gnawledge, Grenada Doaba (Gnawledge) mp3
  • Hematic Sunsets, Aroma Club Paradox (Dekorder)LP
  • Philip Jeck, Spool (Tapeworm) Cassette
  • Infinity Window, Artificial Midnight (Arbor) LP
  • Felix Kubin, Die Inhaberin des Chlorophyllmandats uberwacht den Ausgleich von Licht und Schatten (Alku) Cassette
  • Martyn, Great Lengths (3024) CD
  • Stephan Mathieu and Taylor Deupree, Transcriptions (Spekk) CD
  • Peverelist, Jarvik Mindstate (Punch Drunk) CD
  • Eliane Radigue, Vice Versa, etc. (Important) CD
  • Rale, Whispering Gallery (Arbor) LP
  • Science Fiction Corporation, Science Fiction Dance Party - Dance with Action (Finders Keepers) CD
  • Bruno Spoerri, Extrakugel (Disposable Music) LP
  • Pete Um, No Pressure (Gagarin) LP
  • Mika Vainio, Vandal EP (Raster-Noton) EP
  • Various Artists, Baku: Symphony of Sirens (Recommended) 2CD
  • Various Artists, Cazumbi: African Sixties Garage, Vol. 1 (No Smoke) CD
  • Various Artists, Eastern Standard Time (Welttraum) LP
  • Various Artists, Legends of Benin (Analog Africa) CD


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