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Richard Youngs
Like a Neuron (Dekorder) LP

With Richard Youngs, you come to expect the unexpected. But even allowing for his habitual out-there-ed-ness, Like A Neuron is a supremely odd, out-of-left-field record. Though the album is ostensibly Youngs’ homage to dance music, there’s little here that’s all that club friendly. It’s a supremely psychedelic take on the conventions of house and techno. You could hardly get more mind-altering and intoxicating than the cascading synths and chugging miasma that is “Descent.” There are, of course, plenty of thumping 4/4 beats, but they’re distorted almost beyond recognition. Nothing stays in sync for long, making things all very odd and asymmetrical. But who can argue with the wooly, swirling euphoria of a track like “Tornadoes?” Certainly, not I. Oh, and did I mention that it’s all quite wonderful? Well, it is. Three cheers for the trousers of the eccentric! Huzzah.

—Susanna Bolle


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