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September 2010 (belated and a bit more than 10)

  • Demdike Stare Liberation Through Hearing (Modern Love) EP
  • Lugano Fell Slicer (Baskaru) CD
  • Philip Jeck An Ark of a Listener (Touch) CD
  • Thomas Köner Nunatak Teimo Permafrost (Type) 3CD
  • Geoff Mullen Bongo Closet (Type) LP
  • Phonophani Kreken (Rune Grammofon) CD + 10”
  • Pivixki Gravissima (Lexicon Devil) CD
  • Senking Pong (Raster-Noton) CD
  • Franck Vigroux Camera Police (D’autres Records) CD
  • Keith Fullerton Whitman Disingenuousness/Disingenuity (Pan Records) LP
  • Trevor Wishart Fanfare & Contrapunctus/Imago (Pan Records) LP
  • Joji Yuasa Obscure Tape Music from Japan, Vol. 12: Miniatures of Concrete (Editions Omega Point) CD


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