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February 2011

  • Paul Boisselet Le Robot (Creel Pone) CDr
  • Mark Cetilia Anemoi (Quiet Design)3”CD
  • Stephan Mathieu A Static Place (12k) CD
  • Stephan Mathieu Remain (Line) CD
  • Pauline Oliveros + Michael T. Bullock Accordion to Bass (Cassauna) Cassette
  • Our Love Will Destroy the World I Hate Even Numbers (Dekorder) LP
  • Marcus Schmickler Palace of Marvels (Editions Mego) CD
  • Suum Cuique Midden (Young Americans) EP
  • Gil Trythall Luxicon II/Echospace (Creel Pone) CDr
  • Various Artists, Music for Merce (New World Records) 10CD


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