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March 2011

  • Andrea Belfi Knots (Die Schachtel) CD
  • Seth Cluett Objects of Memory (Line) CD
  • Cyclo id (raster-noton) CD
  • Demdike Stare Triptych (Modern Love) 3CD
  • CM von Hausswolf 800 000 Seconds in Harar (Touch) CD
  • Jazkamer Chestnut Thornback Tar (Type) LP/CD
  • Pimmon Dimension P (Headlock) CDr
  • Bernard Parmegiani / Joseph-Maria Mestres-Quadreny Espaces Sonores No. 1 (Creel Pone) CDr
  • Alexander Rishaug Shadow of Events (Dekorder) CD
  • Knud Viktor Images - Ambiences (Creel Pone) CDr


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