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May 2011

  • Bee Mask Shimmering Braid (Deception Island) Cassette
  • Driphouse Airhorns and Pallet Jacks (Ekhein) Cassette
  • Max Eisenberg The Dog Synth (Tusco Embassy) LP
  • Mark Fell Manitutshu (Editions Mego) 2LP
  • Seth Horvitz Eight Studies for Automatic Piano (LINE) CD
  • Rolf Julius Music for a Distance (Western Vinyl) CD
  • Novi_sad Inhumane Humans (Sub Rosa) CD
  • Repetition/Distract Old Weevil Neighbourhood (Weevil Neighbourhood) Cassette
  • Scubadeath Demon Seed (Semata) LP
  • Various Pacific Support (Draft) Cassette


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