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August 2011

  • Ricardo Donoso Progress Chance (Digitalis) LP
  • Mark Fell and Peter Rehberg “Zikir/Kubu” (Editions Mego) 12”
  • Glenn Jones The Wanting (Thrill Jockey) CD
  • Thomas Lehn and Marcus Schmickler, Live Double Seance (Antaa Kalonjen Uida) (Editions Mego) LP/DVD
  • Jason Lescalleet This Is What I Do (Glistening Labs) CDr
  • Red Horse Red Horse (Type) LP
  • Mika Vainio Life (…it eats you up) (Editions Mego) CD
  • Chris Watson & Marcus Davidson Cross-Pollination (Touch) CD
  • Various Artists Street Musicians of Yogyakarta (Mississippi) LP


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