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A top 15 for 2017

  • Ryoko Akama Places and Pages (Another Timbre) CD
  • Henning Christiansen Op. 192 Umwälzung (Penultimate Press) 2CD
  • Crys Cole & Oren Ambarchi Hotel Record (Black Truffle) 2LP
  • Sarah Davachi All My Circles Run (Students of Decay) LP
  • Tasha Dorji & Tyler Damon Both Will Escape (Family Vineyard) LP
  • Jürg Frey Collection Gustave Roud (Another Timbre) CD
  • Will Guthrie People Pleaser (Black Truffle) LP
  • Giuseppe Ielasi 4 Pauses (senufo)
  • Kassel Jaeger Aster (Editions Mego) LP
  • JLIN Black Origami (Planet Mu) LP
  • Roland Kayn A Little Electronic Milky Way of Sound (Frozen Reeds)
  • Porter Ricks Anguilla Electrica (Tresor) CD
  • Eliane Radigue Occam Ocean, Vol. 1 (Shiin)
  • Splitter Orchestra / Felix Kubin Shine On You Crazy Diagram (Gagarin) LP
  • Chris Strunk No Charts Could Map My Constellations (Killing Time Between Ice Ages) CD


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