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Philip Sulidae
An High Land (dontcaresulidae) CDr

This limited edition CDr by Philip Sulidae, a musician/sound artist from Australia, is one of those happy surprises. One day it just arrived in my mailbox. A plain white wrapper with two grainy photo cards and paper slip with all the basic information. The music itself is grainy, a tad noisy, and abidingly lovely. While there are hints of melody, they exist within a gauzy, howling haze. It’s the deliberate atmospheric disturbance that gives the proceedings their hallucinatory allure. There are discernible sources—field recordings, guitar, feedback— but they are subsumed within a roiling miasma of sound. Sulidae’s work is akin to that of Tim Hecker and Christian Fennesz, but stripped of any musical clichés. -Susanna Bolle

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