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Yuko Nexus6 / Bernhard Gal / Alessandro Bosetti / i8u

Non-Event Nexus6 Podcast

Intro. Yuko Nexus6, “Swiss Army Brass Band” Translations of Sightseeing (onomato)
1. Yuko Nexus6, “Linguaphone” Journal de Tokyo (Sonore)
2. Yuko Nexus6, “Rokko Oroshi” Nexus6 Songbook (Sonore)
3. Bernhard Gal, “57A” Relisten (Intransitive)
4. Alessandro Bosetti, “Nach Allem was ich liebe durftest du” Allegorical Power VII (Antiopic)
5. i8u, “Friday” A Baker’s Dozen part1 (

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