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KFW's Hugh Tracey Collage-Mix

A fantastic KFW live collage mix of recordings by the pioneering field recordist/ethnomusicologist Hugh Tracey. The performance was presented in the outdoor courtyard of the Musée du Quai Branly on July 1st, 2012 as part of the Siestes Electroniques at Paris series.


Video: Ryoji Ikeda's The Transfinite

Photo: Jim Siegel

I suppose this falls under the category of “made,” but since no such category exists on RF at this point, “found” will have to do. Here is a video that I shot of Ryoji Ikeda’s “The Transfinite” at the Park Street Armory in New York City in June 2011.


Mark Fell's "Dawn of Man" mixes

In addition to releasing a trio of great records in the last few months, electronic musician Mark Fell of snd fame has put together a series of six hour-long mixes, charting his musical influences from 1981 to 1996….


New Creel Pones

Fans of early electronic and tape music and outsider sonic experimentation, rejoice! After a long hiatus, there are four new Creel Pone “reissues” are out this month, and all four are great. This batch includes watery musique concrète, works by Bernard Parmegiani, a wonderfully odd gem by composer Paul Boisellet (with awesome cover art as you can see), and a atypically non-country Moog tour de force by Gil Trytal. I’ll have snapshot reviews of them shortly.


Classic Thomas Köner

The Type imprint has recently reissued the first three albums by legendary electronic music producer, Thomas Köner. They have also very kindly made them available on Soundcloud. Listen to the classic arctic ambience of Permafrost here and check out Nunatak and Teimo on Type. (You’ll have to click through for the link)

For those in the Boston area, Köner will be making a rare U.S. appearance at the beautiful Goethe-Institut Boston on October 22.


KFW Website Update and New Releases

Good news! Boston’s resident electronic music super-genius, Keith Fullerton Whitman, has—at long last—updated his website, and he’s got a tidal wave of new releases due out in the coming months. There’s even a new Hrvatski/KFW split cassette on the way—strike me down if I tell a lie! You can listen to samples from these forthcoming goodies, as well as a full recording of a recent sterling KFW live set (with lots of no-net derring-do) at PA’s Lounge in Somerville. Trust me, I was there: It’s a treat.


Video: Stalker

Listening to Alva Noto’s haunting track, “Stalker for Andrei Tarkovsky,” from his new album For 2 (Line), which I played recently on the program, got me thinking again about the film Stalker (1979). The film is one of my favorites. It’s an absolutely gorgeous bit of filmmaking and I love the Artemiev soundtrack. I thought I’d share one of my favorite sequences from the film — the dream of the Stalker…. (click through for the full post and video)


Sounds: Bidoun on Ubuweb

Have recently been digging into the “Noise” edition of the Middle Eastern arts and culture magazine, Bidoun, which features, among other things, an interview/discussion about music and noise with Jace Clayton (aka DJ /Rupture) and music critic/writer, Kalefa Sanneh. The journal also has a really nice collection of Middle Eastern avant-garde music available on Ubuweb, which you can listen to here.

It includes works by the Turkish-American composer, Ilhan Mimaroglu, the Iranian master, Ali Reza Mashayekhi, and the Egyptian electronic music pioneer, Halim El-Dabh. Really great stuff….


Video: Pierre Bastien

I will be playing a few pieces by French composer and instrument-maker, Pierre Bastien, on the Feb. 25, 2010 edition of RF. Here is a wonderful video of Bastien performing with his self-made instruments at STEIM in the Netherlands. (Click through for the video).

Photo by Nono


Songcycle: Ergo Phizmiz's Faust Cycle

I’m only a little over an hour into Ergo Phizmiz’s sprawling fifteen-hour song cycle so I can’t offer a critical summary of whole kit and caboodle. I can say, however, that it’s been a captivatingly strange and inventive radiophonic journey thus far. Listen for yourself at Headphonica:

Ergo Phizmiz, The Faust Cycle, or, the House of Dr. Faustus