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River Gods Playlist: August 11, 2005

11:30PM Hematic Sunsets "Fehlvergnugen" and "In Bebel" from Zu Gast In Aroma Club LP (Klang Der Festung) 2005
Mouse on Mars "Saturday Night Worldcup Fieber" from Iora Tahiti CD (Too Pure) 1998
Stock, Hausen & Walkman "New" from Organ Transplants vol. 2 CD(Hot Air)
Fanal from "Aufbruch" from Fanal LP (Neu) LP 2005
Clor from "Love + Pain (Hrvatski mix)" from Love + Pain EP 2005
Felix Kubin "Katarina Tanzt" from Filmmusik CD (A-Musik) 2000
Panasonic Terrastamo" from Kuulma CD (Blast First)
Senking "Risk" from Ping/Thaw CD (Karaoke Kalk)
Holosud "Wipp" from Fijnewas Afpompen CD (A-Musik) 1998
Mouse on Mars "Owai" from Instrümentals (Sonig) LP
Autechre "Corc" from LP5 CD (Warp)
Byetone "Untitled/Track 4" Spur (Bine)
alva.noto "Future" from Transrapid CD (Raster-Noton) 2005
Kraftwerk "Man-Machine" from Man Machine CD (Capitol) 1978
Raymond Scott "Portofino" from Manhattan Research Inc. CD (Basta)
Klangwart "Einer Feuer Aus Licht Und Liebe" from Die Welttraumremixen LP (Gagarin)
1:00AM Die Welttraumforscher "Sweet Bird" from 21 Welttraumstandards CD (Staubgold) 2005


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