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Dr. Frab Timov on Felix Kubin

 Brush up on your subcultural cymatic wave phenomenon theory and take a peek at this entry in Dr. Frab Timov’s blog, No Absolute Truth, on the illustrious German musical prankster, Felix Kubin. Who is the enigmatic Frab Timov?? Only his mother and Dr. Theodore Mangrove know for sure…and neither of them is talking. Hmmm.

For those interested in hearing some of Kubin’s submaterialistic sonic textualities, here’s a link to a Kuntsradio sound battle called Territerrortorium between Felix Kubin and Wojtek Kucharczyk.


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I wish I had known about subcultural cymatic wave phenomenon in graduate school — would have made things soooo much simpler. Thanks for sharing! Now I can finally impress my advisors!

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