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Rare Frequency Podcast 7:
Turkish Psych

With lucky Podcast Number 7, we leave the abstract electronics on the shelf in favor of some our favorite heavy, Anatolian grooves from the sixties and seventies. The show contains songs by some of the best-known Turkish psych artists, such as Erkin Koray, Mogollar (pictured here), and 3-Hurel, as well as Edip Akbayram, Bulent Ortacsil, Mazhar & Fuat, Ozemir Erdogan & his Orchestra, and the wonderful protest singer, Selda. Rock on and fuzz out!

Rare Frequency Podcast 7: Turkish Psych


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Great stuff — where can you buy it?

Great stuff, indeed, and an excellent podcast! :)

Very glad you all enjoyed it! I am quite enamored with Turkish psych myself, so it was fun to put together.

As for where to buy these records: If you’re in or around Boston, Twisted Village should have titles by most of these artists, as well as the Love, Peace, and Poetry: Turkish Psychedelic Music comp on QDK Media, which is good place to start. Wayne at TV is also a great resource.

For mailorder, Forced Exposure is a great source (though I should note that I work there, so I’m biased), as is Aquarius Records in SF, a store that champions all things psychedelic. Of course, then you can start digging deep…seriously deep.

Thank you for the great work and also you can find more information about Turkish Psych scene on And if you want I can share some digital audio too.

Thanks, Oktay. The site is a fantastic resource! I’ve actually visited it a number of times. There’s so much great information there!

I was very surprised about this episode. Erkin Koray, Mogollar and Bulent Ortacgil? Oh-my-god.. :) Grazie mille!

Since its inception Rare Frequency has for me been a vehicle for the exploration of a plethora of new sounds. Embarrased I am to say that it has taken me this long to write and thank you for your site and the podcasts you generate. Having the opportunity to visit Turkey and Kurdistan this particular podcast caught my attention. Mihemed Sexo and Baba Zula have long been some of my favorites from that part of the world. Again , Rare frequency has opened my ears and mind to some superb music. To Susanna and to all of you behind the scenes,Teshikkur Edirum Chase , Vancouver, B.C Canada.

I somehow missed your comment when it first came in. Thank you so much for your kind words and support! We live to serve…. : )

What a podcast !! Decent contemporary Turkish music is also very hard to find. I am not an expert on classic psych but I am building a contemporary collection of various genres of Turkish music. Someone posted a comment mentioning Baba Zula. As far as I know, Baba Zula is the only new band that do psych (dub style psych). You may also like Mercan Dede (Sufi Electronica). Check Doublemoon label for both Mercan Dede and Baba Zula ( I’ve been buying my Turkish music from a Turkish web site out of New york ( You can find what you want and more importantly, they can deliver. Every time I order directly from Turkey, it takes too long and every time I order from Amazon, I cancell it because I get tired of waiting for them to find it. U can actually walk into a Borders store and find decent Turkish music in the World section but they do not know how to organize their music in that particular area. Oh and if you like psych, you should check out Sultan’s Secret Door by Istanbul Oriental Ensemble & Burhan Ocal. It’s an expensive CD but think about all the money that we end up spending on music that we throw away.. This one is worth it

i recomend REPLIKAS for anyone looking for turkish music, also AYYUKA is very Psych…

Yes Turkey had some very fine and talented Psychedelia musicians/bands as had most countries in that era.(Swedens scene is only now getting recogninzed)

Uc Hurels psych with ethic vibe its cool. Of big artist Erkin Koray I like the 77 stuff such as the Dschinn(Ger) like “My delight” or the hardrocker “God my beloved” (Allah askina) I must hear the whole album. If you like Turkisk Psych hear Grek George Romano “2 Blue horses” early 70’s

Did Turkey have any raw Heavypsych bands in the Blue Cheer/Cream/Hendrix style? I’m intrested!

Rock on

Great music Susanna!

I’m known with this anatolian-pop culture from the late ‘60, begin ‘70 for 4 years now, but it’s also very hard to find some stuff in this (but my special thanks goes out to Hakan Tuna, if you wasn’t there…)

Great to see here that more (also non-turkish)people like this category! Susanna, keep us delighted with more stuff please

Greetings from Holland

I am going to istanbul next month and I am wondering if there are any record stores in the city that specialize in turkish psych :-)


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