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Rare Frequency Podcast 8:
April Mix

Nothing fancy with this early spring podcast: just an extended mix laced with abstract techno, feedback experiments, vintage ’70s electronics, and burbling drones. Features tracks by the following artists: Sleeparchive, Ø, CoH, alva.noto, Henrik Rylander, Laurie Spiegel, and Alexander Rishaug. Enjoy!

Rare Frequency Podcast 8: April Mix

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Thanks for the treats… Some how I missed the fact that Laurie Spiegel worked in the audio realm. I’d only ever seen her computer-based art (mainly stuff for Bell).

Hearing the alva.noto reminded me of this link:

Thanks, jc

Thank you for the thanks and Dienststelle link!

Laurie Spiegel’s music is definitely worth exploring further. Her Obsolete Systems cd on EMF is really something. There’s also a great video of her from 1977 playing a piece called “Improvisation on a ‘Concerto Generator’” live, which is one of the highlights of the Ohm+ box on Ellipsis Arts.

How can I record WZBC onto CDs

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