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Rare Frequency Podcast 11:
Arc of a Driver


A new podcast dedicated to recent favorites from a formidable line-up of RF workhorses like Pan Sonic, Carsten Nicolai, Lionel Marchetti, and Norbert Moslang, as well as a lovely track by a newcomer, Michael Santos.

Rare Frequency Podcast 11: Arc of a Driver


Pan Sonic, "Slovakian Rauta" Touch 25 (Touch) CD 2006


Lionel Marchetti with Yoko Higashi, "Red Dust 3:3 " Red Dust" (Crouton) 3x3"CD 2005


Norbert Moslang, "b1_6" Burst_Log (For4Ears) CD 2006


Alva.Noto, "Transit (for Suchan Kinoshita)" For (Line) CD 2006


Micheal Santos, "Light 8" Matters (Benbecula) CD 2006


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