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“What a noisy place to belong/Is the Ning Nang Ning Nang Nong.”

Cut out a word or two and you’ve just about hit the nail on the noggin. The Ning Nong Radio show, which follows RF every Thursday on WZBC, is indeed a noisy place to belong. For those who wish to know what’s on the noisy mind of Ning Nong, check out his (relatively) new blog Ning Nong Says. Mr. Ning Nong loves records more passionately than anyone I know (and that’s saying something given the circles I run in) and will tell you a thing or two about ‘em. He also loves organic celery and may well wax rhapsodic on that subject in a future blog post.

Also, edify yourself with an appropriate bit o’ Ning (Nang) Nong poetry from one of the great comic minds of the 20th century.

Also, also, if you’re curious what one of Ning Nong’s illustrious predecessors in the Thursday, NCP II slot is up to these days, or if you just want to get married in Hawaii, check out the website of my much-missed radio pal, Keith Pagan of Cone of Silence.


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